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BitParts is a drawing project and dataset by Elke Finkenauer.

It contains a drawing, colour tile and description of 5279 things from her studio, labelled by category and type. These were created over three years, guided by three rules:

1/ don’t hide mistakes
2/ improvise with what is to hand
3/ avoid opinions and measurability

The information produced is visual, unquantified and relative. Accumulated, it is data. When categorised it becomes a dataset.

Select explore to view the drawing-data, input things, choose categories and think about how data is interpreted.

Some pages contain multiple things. These are usually numbered left to right, top to bottom.
The rules are not always adhered to.

Read more about the project here

Creative Coding by Jen Sykes | Database development by Alex McCartney | Graphic Design consultancy by Christiano Mere
Supported by Creative Scotland

A grid of tiny, rectangular tiles which are brightly coloured, white, and monochromatic, showing the drawings in the handmade dataset at one-fortieth of their actual size.

Designed for bigger windows
(please view on a desktop or laptop)